About Dilla | About Detroit | About Donuts

  • Dilla once resided in same building where Dilla’s Delights shoppe is located
  • His mom and dad managed a restaurant just feet away from shoppe
  • The French city of Montpellier has a neighborhood in which the streets are named after contemporary musicians including J Dilla. Other notable music icons with streets named after them include Amy Winehouse, Alaliya and Ray Charles.
  • His Father Ghost-Wrote “It’s a Shame” For The Spinners. credits indicate a Stevie Wonder as Co-Writer …with no mention of anyone else.
  • His First Job Was As A Junior Police Cadet
  • He Studied To Become An Air Force Pilot
  • His First Musical Mentor Was Amp Fiddler,
  • Amp Fiddler showed J how to use the MP
  • NBA Star John Salley Once Managed Him
  • Biggie Once Recorded A 2Pac Diss Over One of His Beats
  • He Once Went On A “Date” With Lil Kim
  • The Jaylib Sessions Were Recorded On Just Two Tracks
  • He Didn’t Read Equipment Manuals
  • Chocolate Cake Was His Favorite
  • Dilla played the Cello

Jay Dee Paris

Photo Credit: Onra


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