Hello All and Welcome to Dilla’s Delights!

Dilla’s Delights LLC is a specialty donut business founded by Detroiter, Uncle Herm, named in honor of his nephew legendary music icon James Dewitt Yancey (J.Dilla), and the historic Detroit Motown music image.

J.Dilla, legendary music icon, producer, writer, artist, father, friend, son, brother and inspiration to many has been named one of the music industry’s most influential hip-hop artists.

Founder of one of Detroit’s own favorite hip-hop group, “Slum Village” and working with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Pharcyde, Common, Erykah Badu, Dwele, D’Angelo, DeLaSoul and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. J.Dilla made a tremendous and profound impact on the music world and his home-town Detroit community.

J Dilla had a deep passion for Detroit, donuts, and delivering good music to any ear that was willing to receive it.  Uncle Herm would learn early on of his nephew James’ love of donuts when the request for them would be constant at a very young age. And when J.Dilla’s last released album was named, “Donuts” 3 days before he lost his battle with the disease Lupus, Uncle Herm was certain that Dilla’s Delights LLC would make his nephew proud, vowing to deliver that same passion to the palates of millions of donut lovers and J.Dilla fans for many years to come.

 The donut products created by Dilla’s Delights LLC will be symbolic of the town’s landmarks and those who have greatly influenced the community.

Our products will be made from 100% organic flour and will be handcrafted and made fresh daily.  We understand and teach the importance of using organic products, recycling, composting and other sustainable business practices for a healthier living and working environment.

While the company has been in the making since 2009 we have taken this time to master our plans into the industry by studying our products, the marketplace, and working closely with colleagues and other professionals to construct and perfect a sustainable growing organization.  Our team has taken great pride in each step of the journey that has brought us to this amazing place.  Driven by the vision of success…the inspiration of “J.Dilla”…and the love of the City of  Detroit and you, we are pleased to bring you Dilla’s Delights LLC.

Our Grand Opening is scheduled for August 2013 and we welcome J Dilla’s fans, friends, the Hip Hop and the Detroit community to join us and even make suggestions on the flavors of donuts that they would like to be available when they come to visit Dilla’s Delights.

We Thank YOU for being here with us and allowing us to serve and be a part of a thriving Detroit.


While the “Delights” in Dilla’s Delights represent our donut products it also represents J.Dilla’s daughters Ja’Mya & Ty-Monae 


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