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  1. Joshua w

    Hello . I visited detroit this weekend from cleveland . Hoping to stop by the store . Not open yet? Need to get my hands on one of them t shirts .please direct me in the ways of getting one . Much love . Joshua


  2. Andre Liefting

    hi there,

    Big up form Amsterdam, Holland!
    I would like to order two shirts together: 1 2XL and 1 3XL. I do not understand how to put two shirts in one order on the merchandise part of your site.Please ship them together to Amsterdam, The Netherlands Europe and bill me totalprice paypal at

    Is this ok with you?

    thanks a million!



  3. James Canty


    My name is James Canty and I’m the owner of Taste Art Gallery in Washington, DC. Taste Art Gallery is an exclusive members only art exhibition & tasting event concept company. We would love to talk with you about doing art/tasting event. Please reach out to us when time permits.




  4. Dan Billman

    Hi I was trying to order a tee shirt and was enquiring do you ship to the Uk?, there is no shipping option on your stores drop down menu ?


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